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  Need Livescan Services? The answer is LiveScan USA!

LiveScan USA is the a COMPLETE source of information for Applicants needing Livescan Services in the State of California. All California facilities listed are providers approved by the California Department of Justice (DOJ) as a livescan facility.

Need fingerprinting in YOUR area in California or Nevada, and on YOUR schedule? Call LiveScan USA's Referral line at 1-888-793-1112 or go to our Livescan Service page.

If you are interested in getting into this industry and providing service as a Livescan Operator, check out our Private Service Provider page. LiveScan USA also offers training for your livescan facility, check out our Livescan Training Program

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1. You must have a Request for Live Scan Service Form and

2. A VALID, government-issued photo ID

3. A Social Security Card is NOT required (except by some licensing requirements)


To be processed for California, you must be in California. Livescan services are NOT available for individuals needing livescan fingerprinting for other states, nor can individuals be fingerprinted via livescan for California if they are outside the state.


California Dept. of Justice has strict rules for livescan facilities. They are NOT allowed to assist applicants in filling out the Request for Live Scan Service form. If your information is incomplete they MUST refer you back to your employment or licensing agencies.


Livescan facilities must resubmit your fingerprints for no additional charge, ONLY if they are resubmitted from the original livescan facility, otherwise you may be responsible for their processing fee. Correcting information on the form is NOT a resubmission, nor is being fingerprinted for another employment or licensing agency.


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